CF7 Multi Step Forms Pro + Conditional Fields 3

3rd of 4 contact forms demonstrating the Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms Pro plugin.

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    You are a [multiform "user-type"].
    Good for you!  This step shows only for you.
    Nothing fancy on this step.  Just a normal Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Form with conditional fields.
    [hidden your-checkbox]
    If you're using values from a previous form, make sure the hidden form tag is before the conditional group.
    Your answer to the Tootsie roll question was [multiform "your-checkbox"].  
    I say: [group group-97 inline]Smart answer.[/group][group group-98 inline]Correct!  Everything just depends.[/group][group group-99 inline]I'm not sure what I'm talking about.[/group][group group-100 inline]Oops you didn't answer that question.[/group]
    [multistep multistep-642 "/cf7msm-pro-conditional-fields-example-4/"]
    [previous "Back"] [submit "Next"]